Welcome to My Closet

I am an elementary teacher in Northcentral Pennsylvania with a passion for exploring the depths of education. I hear over and over that there are many paths to excellence when it comes to classroom teaching, and I love to explore them all!

My blog is intended to be a glimpse into me, not only as a learner and a teacher, but also as a human being. I am intrigued with learning new ideologies, and with sharing my thoughts and reflections. I am hopeful some might find some insight from my posts, but more so excited about the prospect of sharing my thoughts to a limitless, unknown audience.

In my blog, you will find posts of great variety. I first started “blogging” on a private Wikispace, so you will find some entries dated earlier than present. Some will reflect experience from the classroom, my professional development or research, and even some other worldly episodes that have helped to develop me personally and professionally. I have been told I am an ideas person. I hear a great concept and zap! Ideas just start connecting, untangling the mass of webbing standing between the particular concept and achievable standards. I know not all ideas translate into reality, but the more ideas you possess, the more possibilities there are for you to tap into, right?

Being the most introverted of four children, I learned a lot from observing those around me. Being a struggling learner myself, I learned a lot from observing those around me. Being a teacher, I learned a lot from observing those around me. Being an informed citizen of this great country, I have learned a lot from observing those around me. If I don’t start sharing my ideas as I constantly seek out new ones, I might just pop!

Peruse as you wish, but please share back. I can never have enough!

Yours in learning,
Amy Merrell, NBCT
Teacher and learner, follower and leader


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